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Spiga D’oro has to be one of Durban’s best-known (and loved) restaurants. That’s why when it opened up a sister bar just next door, it was bound to be a thriving success. Sidebar is everything you could want in a watering hole – craft beer, delicious cocktails, urban ambience and, of course, Spiga’s hearty Italian menu.

What to expect

Sidebar opened its doors in November of 2014. Since then, it’s become a go-to spot for after-work beers, weekend rugby game festivities, or even a romantic date night. Sidebar’s vibe lends itself perfectly to each of these occasions thanks to the bar’s ambient lighting, industrial-style decor and Instagram-worthy outdoor area. Sidebar’s prime location on bustling Florida Road also means that it’s kept packed and pumping throughout the week.

Not just a pretty place

While Sidebar has cemented itself as a top spot to grab a cold one, the venue also hosts art exhibitions and events. Its goal was to create a space that could offer Durban’s creative artists and trendsetters an alternative venue with quality food, beer and wine for a distinctive experience, while also showcasing local talent through unique exhibitions. All this makes Sidebar quite the all-rounder when it comes to Durban venues.


Have a sip

Sidebar has a wide selection of craft beers on offer, over and above its usual beer, wine and cocktail menu. You can sip on a lager or a Devil’s Peak First Light, as well as other craft favourites such as Dragon Fiery Ginger Beer, Bern Stern and Steph Weiss. Ladies, Sidebar also does cosmos and Bellini’s like no other so consider it the next time you’re planning a girls’ night out.

Keeping it social

You can follow Sidebar on Facebook to find out what’s happening next and when it’s going down. Sidebar also manages a Tumblr blog page (, posting about all things Durban as well as beer blurbs and exhibition info – it just goes to show that Sidebar really does have its fingers on the pulse of the 031. Make sure you check it out the next time you’re whiling away the hours on the web.


031 303 9511

Words: Jenna Kelly
Images: Supplied

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