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Cotton On Body is teaming up with the Cotton On Foundation to launch Project Nutrition Mission in South Africa. The very first local beneficiary is Ethekwini Primary School in the township of KwaMashu, located in Durban in the Province of KwaZulu Natal. This project will result in much needed infrastructure upgrades at the school as well as provide nutritional programs for the 1,200 learners.

All proceeds lead to action plans

All proceeds of Cotton On Foundation products sold in Cotton On Body stores during the month of September will contribute to aiding the program with the aim of raising enough money to put all these plans into action. Cotton On Foundation products range from totes, bracelets, mints and bottled water.

The Nutrition Mission program highlights the importance of nutrition and provides tools and knowledge to prevent undernourishment. It empowers communities to create healthy and sustainable futures.




Ethekwini Primary School

Located in the extremely poor township and can currently only accommodate learners from Grade R to Grade 4 due to lack of space. Current class sizes accommodate up to 80 learners per classroom with 150 Grade R learners sharing a single classroom, which does not allow for desks, let alone an encouraging learning environment.

What Cotton On aims to do

The project aspires to ensure a safe and spacious learning environment for the learners as well as provide one nutritious meal per day while at school. Furthermore, Cotton On Foundation plans on delivering new kitchen facilities, supplying nutrition based education courses to learners and teachers and developing a community garden on the school grounds for the surrounding community and families to access. This initiative also facilitates the implementation of food security programs within the school.

BODY customers can take part and support the powerful initiative by purchasing Cotton On Foundation products in store throughout September, knowing that 100% of proceeds are supporting the Cotton On Foundation and its Project Nutrition Mission at Ethekwini Primary School.

About the Cotton On Foundation

The Cotton On Foundation is the Cotton On Group’s philanthropic arm, focused on developing and supporting projects that eliminate poverty. Since 2007, the Foundation has supported projects through the sale of products in Cotton On Group stores globally. In partnership with the Group’s retail teams and the generosity of customer, the Cotton On Foundation is working with communities globally, to break the cycle of poverty. The Ethekwini Primary School project is the first South African beneficiary.


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