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Den Braven’s Mirrorfix-MS can attach mirrors to just about anything


en Braven’s Mirrorfix-MS is a superstrong adhesive specifically formulated for use on mirrors.

It can bond to surfaces such as wood, stone, concrete, gypsum and plasterboard, and is also suitable for bonding tiles. Mirrorfix-MS does not affect the silvering of mirrors and in most cases extra support is not required because it has instant high grip.


  • Mirrors are sensitive.
  • Use only a suitable sealant or adhesive.
  • Always apply the sealant in evenly spaced vertical lines, not blobs.
  • Depending on the thickness (weight) of the mirror, it may be necessary to support it for a few hours.


  • Using a strong applicator gun, apply Mirrorfix-MS with the supplied V-nozzle facing forward to a clean and dry mirror surface in evenly spaced, vertical lines of about 10mm. This allows for good curing and prevents moisture entrapment.




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