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Real estate agents have seen it all. The hideous carpets, the awful ‘expensive finishes’ on wooden countertops, the rooms dedicated to pets: they know what works and what doesn’t. They also know what sells. The average property buyer or seller will have to deal with this process one or two times.

A real estate agent sees it every day. It is time to put your trust in your agent and peek into the thoughts they have and wish you knew…

The ideal seller

“The ideal seller is someone who knows why they are selling,” says Chas Everitt agent Francois Du Pisani. “Whether they need something bigger or need to move to the Cape, they know why their place is on the market and they don’t lose sight of that.”

Perfect pricing is key

As a seller, one of your biggest challenges is agreeing to a price that’s persuasive and reasonable. You might insist on giving your ideal price a shot on the market, but agents want you to know that by ‘trying it out’, you could be risking your property becoming stale, which is detrimental to the overall selling process. The longer your house is on the market, the less likely it is for you to get a fair value. Having a faster sale will make you more powerful in the long run.

Agent 01

All good things take time

You might have the perfect price, an amazing marketing strategy, and a show house the Brady Bunch would be proud of. This does not necessarily mean you’ll sell fast. Selling your home is a process, and it’s important to be aware of the timeline. Give it time: agents recommend at least four to six months, at the very least.

Not every buyer can buy

If you’re a first time seller, you need to know that not every fish that bites will hook. Our agent advice is if a buyer truly is serious, they will have pre-approval on their bond and, ideally, a deposit.

Show it off

Yes, appeareances do matter. A neat, tidy and presentable show house is key. This is the time to make your home look the best it ever has.

Agent 02

Ask the experts

Trust the agent you’ve chosen to help you through the property selling process. Property is their expertise, and by putting your trust in their knowledge and understanding of the market, you’re doing yourself the best favour you could: getting a speedy, successful sale!

Words: Lauren Joubert

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