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With an increasing number of people sporting specific dietary requirements and gravitating towards different food types, restaurants in Pretoria are rising to the occasion with an ever-expanding range of delicious vegan options appearing on menus across the city. Restaurant-goers are being treated to earth-friendly dishes created with exotic herbs and spices that tantalise the taste buds.

A warm welcome at Namaskar Restaurant
With its plush red, orange and yellow interior, Namaskar Restaurant, off Pretoria Stanza Bopape Street, offers a wide selection of diverse vegan meals in a warm, hospitable atmosphere. This lively, upmarket restaurant – with a name meaning ‘greetings’ – has been pleasing patrons since 2008. With options ranging from mild to extra spicy, their vegan menu of North-Indian and Indo-Chinese cuisine embraces tandoori dishes, biryanis, rotis and rice. Enjoy the veg jalfrezi made with mixed veg cooked in thick gravy and special Royal spices or the channa pindi made of chickpeas cooked in an exotic blend of imported North Indian spices.

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The five chefs of Indian origin use authentic cooking techniques to prepare vegan dishes made with fresh ingredients. The two private dining rooms and function room at this restaurant make this venue well-suited to conferences, engagements and parties.

Sophisticated celebrations at Geet Indian Restaurant

Dress up and head out to Geet Indian Restaurant in Fehrsen Street, Brooklyn, to enjoy a Bollywood-style celebration of vegan dishes prepared with novel ingredients and a blend of spices that will transport you directly to exotic India. Gita Jivan, a nationally celebrated chef, created this family-run restaurant 15 years ago, having learnt family cuisine traditions from her mother and graduated from culinary school. The team of chefs at this restaurant create flavourful vegan dishes using organic, sustainable products that are healthy and have no preservatives.

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Taste the Arbi and Beetroot Ki Tikki-Geet – pan-fried rounds of beetroot, sweet potato and corn served with riata. The Rajma Sircot Tikka-Uttarakhand is another delight consisting of mashed potato elegantly stuffed cottage cheese and tutti fruits deep-fried with red mint chutney. Enjoy zesty flavours and an inventive approach to vegan dishes, created using traditional techniques. Geet also delivers an elegant atmosphere and lively instrumental Indian music.

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Taste for yourself

Namaskar Restaurant
012 342 9081

Geet Indian Restaurant

012 460 3199/64

Words: Lisa Dewberry
Images: Supplied

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