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Somehow a stylish, old-school solid leather couch does something for a pub. And when there are two – well, all the better.

Classic good looks

It shouldn’t be surprising to find such classic furnishings in the Farriagers pub in Humewood. After all, the central theme here is locomotives and with the murals taking us back to the railroad days with images of grand steam engines, these comfy couches provide just the right touch of elegance and Old World charm.

Farriagers Bar6-compressed
Sweeping views

This is a bar that could well be situated in some Alpine ski lodge, and if it weren’t for the spectacular and sweeping views of Kings Beach and Algoa Bay, you might expect to see some snow-capped mountain peaks and cable cars in the distance. And that’s because of its bold design – huge windows that stretch to the very top of the tapered-point rafters and roof that give anyone sitting at the bar or in the spacious lounge area a glimpse of Port Elizabeth from an elevated vantage point.

Farriagers Bar20-compressed
The perfect spot

As a perfect meeting place for drinks with friends or as the opening act to a dinner outing at the adjacent Farriagers restaurant, this sophisticated venue offers a range of top-end spirits, wine labels, ciders and beers to match the mood. A choice of fine liqueurs completes this picture – so, decadent after-dinner nightcaps also beckon. During the day, the expansive terrace and deck alongside the bar offers more of the same vistas – with a dash of sunshine and a sea breeze.

With its rich ambience and warmth, this venue offers the ideal, calmer alternative to many of the other more hectic beachgoer pubs in this promenade area.

Farriagers Bar

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Words: Brett Adkins | Images: Eugene Coetzee

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