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Kirsten Dodds, a designer at Tétris South Africa, unpacks the relationship between fashion and decor trends

It makes sense that trends spill over into most artistic fields. Some of that connection is clear to see, but much of it is the thought and mood behind the threads. Kirsten Dodds, a furniture fixtures and equipment specialist, tells us more about how what you see on the catwalk impacts interior spaces.

Let your ears do the talking

“When it comes to ear candy, bigger is better,” says Kirsten. “Everything from sculptured drop designs to mega hoops and tassels in a range of colours.” The decor connection? “The same bright, bold statement pieces are big in the decor world right now. It fits right in with the surge of maximalist design.” Kirsten suggests having fun with vibrant colours, dramatic patterns, interesting shapes and textures.

Playing with dimensions

Clothing proportions are changing – we’re playing with volume and out-of-the-ordinary pairings. “Think cropped tops with wide-legged trousers, or voluminous sleeves with a ruffled skirt,” says Kirsten. “As more research rolls out, we’re changing the way we think about space and the function of items we choose for these spaces. We’re pushing the boundaries even further by selecting unexpected pieces to emphasise the feelings they intend to evoke.” Kirsten has used oversized floor lamps and kooky acoustic furniture as elements to achieve this.

Large statement T’s

Slogan T-shirts are making a comeback and they’re bigger than ever. From ethical messages and political opinions to tongue-in-cheek statements, thoughts have been given a voice. For Kirsten, when it comes to design, it’s about not being afraid to be original. “Choose interior products that say something about you or the space. Previously conservative corporate spaces are now opting for bold installations. Being over the top is no longer frowned upon.”

The ugly-cool of Freakebana

Weird is the new wonderful in floral arrangements. An eccentric combination of oddities can be used for maximum surprise. “Like a plastic fork paired with a feather and a daisy in a potato!” says Kirsten with a laugh. “The off-the-wall compositions may, at first, make you feel uncomfortable before you see the intention behind them. With design, the trend plays into expressive styling with unusual textures, interesting layering and statement furniture.”

Statement socks

“Half-calf statement socks are everywhere – the more stripes, patterns and logos, the better. Even mismatched goes,” says Kirsten. She adds that in the interior space, it’s about creating rooms that tell a story. “We achieve this by stacking design elements, one on top of the next. This bold trend is exciting and can be applied to so many different spaces – unusual colour and fabric choices can jazz up an otherwise demure space, by disrupting.”

A touch of ultraviolet

Bold and vibrant purple is Pantone’s Colour of the Year. Some have used fashionable sport purple velvet leggings or added an ultraviolet accessory like plum-coloured boots. Kirsten says it just screams luxury and can really set a design apart when used in the right combination.

Consume carefully

Kirsten sees a trend in 2018 towards consuming things in just the right amount. “It’s more than just filling a space, it’s about thoughtful design, superior quality and carefully crafted products with effortless functionality.”

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