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Hybriflex-540 has been specifically developed for expansion joints because it doesn’t shrink and shrivel when it has cured (set). It has excellent jointing capabilities to a range of substrates such as concrete, natural stone, asbestos, wood, enamelled surfaces, steel and aluminium. It’s ideal for both internal and external DIY jobs. There’s no bubbling, which can happen with other similar sealants, and it has a permanent elasticity, under all climatic conditions.

Hybriflex-540 can be painted after 24 hours with most water-based paints. Den Braven’s range of polyethylene (foam) backing cords – diameters from 6mm to 30mm – can be used with Hybriflex-540, as a bond breaker in concrete joints. A bond breaker creates the right joint dimensions for the sealant to be applied, and to avoid three-sided adhesion.

Watch how to use backing cord as a bond breaker and fill a gap on a brick step on the Den Braven Sealants South Africa Facebook page. Visit our website for further technical information.


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