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What sounds better than ordering all your groceries online and having them delivered to your door? Knowing that all the produce delivered is fresh, locally sourced and deliciously organic, of course. Introducing my weekly dose of goodness: an online order from Fresh Organics. Simply put, Fresh Organics is an online company that sources and delivers organic fruits, veggies, grains, meats, dairies, even pet products, and so much more.

When did Fresh Organics start?

Established in January 2013, Fresh Organics wanted to give people access to convenient and healthy organic vegetables – and we’re not talking about that once-off shop you do at the beginning of the month, leaving most of your veggies to wilt in the fridge. Delivered fresh weekly, the store sources seasonal organic products from local farmers in KZN, which means good things for our local economy and our carbon footprint.

Words and images: Jenna Kelly

Whats the tee?

All produce is grown using chemical-free methods and is free from GMOs or pesticides that are said to lead to many health defects in the long term. Pesticides also wreak havoc on our environment, giving you yet another reason to choose organic instead. Fresh Organics takes great care in selecting its farmers and product sources to ensure that customers receive top-notch, organic-certified produce.

The store also strives to pay a fair price for the produce to ensure that farmers and their workers are able to support themselves and their families. Fresh Organics also does its best to buy directly from farmers in order to support local communities and economies. By strengthening local organic food production, more security is provided for low-income communities who don’t have access to food elsewhere. Fresh Organics has also committed to providing additional support through training and development, meaning that you can feel good about your food from the moment you order it to the last bite.


How does it work?

Head over to the website, create your account and shop to your heart’s content. Make sure you’ve placed your order by Tuesday mornings at 8am to give the store enough time to source and order from suppliers. Fresh Organics delivers to various homes and offices around Durban on Thursdays during the course of the day (8am to 5pm) and delivery charges vary per area.

Here’s to eating and living better.

Fresh Organics

082 674 8090

Words and images: Jenna Kelly



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