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There are those days when a freshly squeezed juice is all I need, or want, rather. So it was that my colleague and I set off to Bocadillos on 1st in the Lemon Tree Lifestyle Centre in 1st Avenue, Walmer, to try out the freshly squeezed juices. Bocadillos provides an airy daytime venue which transforms into a cosy dinner spot by night.

Juice Menu

The juice menu has the usual orange and apple, but it’s when you get further down the list that it becomes more interesting. There’s the Shine, with apple, carrot and ginger, as well as the Moodlifter, with hot lemon water, ginger and honey, and the Mojo, with orange, banana and papaya.

I decided on the Gleam, made with cucumber, carrot, beetroot and lemon, because I liked the name – and it contained a few vegetable servings in one glass – while my colleague enjoyed the Rocking Ginger made with pineapple, ginger and mint. Any doubt I had that this was freshly squeezed disappeared as soon as I took a sip of the vibrantly coloured, warm, earthy juice, served with ice to chill.

Food Menu

Bocadillo’s has a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, with lunch offerings including filling – but not overwhelming – sandwiches and wraps.

We tried the Thai chicken wrap and the Boca roast beef on ciabatta – slow-roasted sirloin served with horseradish, crispy Parma ham and lettuce. I could have easily devoured a side order of the salty and crunchy Parma ham crisps on their own.


Dessert – a must before I arrived, especially my favourite roulade – was no longer an option by the time we’d finished lunch as I was satiated.

Taste for yourself:

Bocadillos on 1st

041 581 8081


Words: Karen van Rooyen
Images: Mike Holmes & Karen van Rooyen

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