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Furniture trends are often an indication of our collective mood at a point in time. When times are good, our homes are filled with bold statement pieces often focusing more on looks than comfort, but when times are uncertain we seek reassurance in the familiar and simple. It’s not surprising, then, that a current trend in furniture and decor sees the whole house styled like an extension of the bed, seeing as the world seems to be fraught with instability at the moment.

Furniture trends

We’ve seen the rise of this trend in furniture detailing for a while now, with quilting and other bedding-inspired elements showing up in trade shows and trend pieces. Now, brands like Ligne-Roset and Arflex are taking this approach even further, with sofas and chairs that appear to be made out of, pillows, duvets and quilts. Locally, Weylands has taken a similar approach with its Domain chair, which features a loose, sheeting-inspired design. With pieces like this we’re also seeing the trend move beyond single products, with relaxed styling of bedrooms moving through into the rest of the house. This is part of the larger trend towards the boundaries between rooms blurring – in this case bedrooms becoming more like living spaces and vice versa.


Comfort is key

People are seeking to make their homes more comfortable in any way that they can. In response to this, product designers need to look at creating furniture and decor pieces that draw cues from the bedroom. For architects and interior professionals, on the other hand, creating sanctuary-like spaces throughout the home is key.


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Words: Chris Reid

Images: Arflex, Ligne-Roset and Weylandts


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