Gone are the days where restaurants provide only 10 to 15 set pizza toppings for patrons to choose from. The rise of the gourmet pizza has made multiple flavours, healthy, custom-designed and half-and-half options possible. More interesting ingredients are now being utilised in Pretoria pizzas to suit a variety of tastes.


Piza e Vino Waterkloof’s handmade pizzas with a modern twist
With a winning formula making food that is Italian, healthy and creative – gourmet pizzas at Piza e Vino Waterkloof are handmade with special care. The team at this pizzeria take a modern approach to traditional pizza adding unique ingredients and constantly try to better their pizza. Enjoy their Melrose Arch pizza with grilled chicken, avocado (seasonal availability), feta, honey, cherry tomatoes and coriander. Their Porky the Pig with salami, pepperoni, bacon, carmelised onion and feta finished with basil is another customer favourite. A pizza yolo straight from Italy trains their pizza makers annually and they import their finest ingredients from Italy.

Piza E Vino Option1
Col’Cacchio Pizzeria Parkview celebrate sixth anniversary
Opening six years ago at Parkview Centre, Col’Cacchio, the team at this upmarket restaurant have a passion for authentic Italian food and offer over 46 pizzas. Try the La Zizou with lamb stew, balsamic cherry tomatoes, basil, spring onion, garlic and basil pesto mayonnaise. Another hit among diners is the Nacho Libre with jerk spiced chicken, guacamole, tomato chilli salsa, coriander and sour cream. This restaurant stays ahead of the trends with their annual Celebrity Chef Series where renowned chefs add unique pizzas to the menu. Enjoy a pizza on a weekend afternoon on the outdoor deck overlooking Kimiad Golf Course.

Toni’s Pizza Co Menlo Park a perfect family spot
With a casual, family-friendly atmosphere, Toni’s Fully Furnished Pizza Co Menlo Park is a great meal time destination. Their outside seating areas and children’s play areas ensure children are entertained, while parents keep a close watch of them. Tuck into their Pizza Pesto with tomato base, mozzerella, peppadew pesto, basil pesto, goats milk cheese, walnuts, prosciutto and avocado (when in season). Coscia D’Angnello with roast lamb, yoghurt, feta, olives, mozzarella and coriander is also a winner. Celebrate a birthday, function or engagement party with pizzas made of a fusion of flavours that perfectly complement each other.
Toni's Option2

What and Where?

Piza e Vino
012 346 5119

Col’Cacchio Parkview
012 992 6050

Toni’s Pizza Co Menlo Park

012 346 5370

Words: Lisa Dewberry
Images: Lisa Dewberry and Supplied



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