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Although urban living is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice, especially for younger buyers, it is not without its drawbacks. For people who have grown up in suburban homes, the lack of a garden takes some getting used to. The lucky few with balconies are therefore making use of them as much as possible, turning an often overlooked space into an indoor-outdoor room.

Green Building Space

Green Building Space

Traditional planters and pots are a start, but the trend is to think vertical, with products and systems that help homeowners to maximise their space. These move out of the realm of traditional garden supplies and cross into the world of design. This appeals to the aesthetically minded homeowner and shows the shift in gardening as a key focus within design, rather than the afterthought that it often previously was. Locally, Growbag has found success for exactly that reason with its hanging, wall-mounted and regular models. These also boast added sustainability through their recycled construction. Internationally, we’re seeing designers take this same thinking to the next level with innovative planter concepts. Plant-in City, for example, produces modular systems of terrariums and planters out of high-end materials, allowing homeowners to customise an entire sculptural “plantscape” in their homes.

This trend is in part driven by the desire people have to create sanctuary spaces in their homes. As South Africans, we have a strong connection to an indoor-outdoor lifestyle already, so trends like this will definitely be growing in the future as we attempt to reconcile our urban aspirations with a connection to the natural world.

Green Building Space

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Plant-in City

Words: Chris Reid
Images: Growbag & Plant-in City


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