There is a growing interest in energy conservation in South Africa, no doubt fuelled by the frequency and inconvenience of load shedding combined with increasing electricity costs. Greening a home improves saleability.

Affordability of Energy

Andrew Golding, chief executive: Pam Golding Property Group, says: “As the affordability of energy-saving features improves, we are bound to see the desirability of homes that incorporate such features increase exponentially, as being ‘green’ receives a higher ranking on the scale of considerations among home buyers.

“Residential properties offering green or energy- and water-saving features, as well as emergency or back-up power solutions, are at a competitive advantage in the marketplace and becoming sought after by buyers in preference to properties that don’t offer such features.”

Rhino Green Building Solutions

Brian van Niekerk, managing director of sustainable solutions firm Rhino Group, says the firm recently launched Rhino Green Building Solutions, specifically because of demand by residential and corporate developers for green building solutions. Rhino Group is also behind the development of the unique off-grid home at Crossways Farm Village, called House Rhino.

Installing solar PV panels on the roof is another major change to green energy, which helps offset rising electricity costs of households and businesses, and makes the properties enticing to prospective buyers, says Van Niekerk.

Eco-wise Solutions

Jaco Rademeyer, owner: Jaco Rademeyer Estates, says the incorporation of eco-wise solutions in and around the house is becoming a trend among Eastern Cape homeowners.

Rademeyer says other measures to “green up” homes include installing solar panels on roofs, gas stoves in kitchens and even going entirely off-grid. Double glazing on windows also keeps the heat out in summer and retains warmth during long, cold winters.

“These are all features that most definitely make homes more attractive to buyers, and get sellers top dollar for their homes. If it came down to a choice between a traditional, non-eco-wise home, and a home that makes use of eco solutions, buyers inevitably choose the latter,” he says.

At the end of the day, buyers are looking to save money, which they do over the medium to long term by relying less on the electricity grid and by saving water.


Words: Lee-Anne Butler
Image: Supplied

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