If you haven’t heard of the Greenpop Reforest Fest, get ready to be part of something more than what might sound like a music festival. Greenpop is a social enterprise that focuses on reconnecting people to the planet. Reforest Fest is a way to celebrate all things green at Africa’s southern-most forest, Platbos. The idea behind the festival is to rehabilitate the Platbos Forest by replanting trees and helping people to be more eco-friendly through daily workshops. Split between a friends’ and family weekend, each festival is catered and dedicated to making our planet greener and broadening our knowledge of eco-education.

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Family weekend

Bring your children and get your hands dirty with a range of exciting activities you can do as a family. Everyone can make new friends and interact in a gorgeous, natural setting.

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Friends’ weekend

The friends’ weekend incorporates more of a party feel to the festival. Spend time with old and new friends and enjoy a longer night-time party, live music, eco-workshops and camping.


With thousands of trees planted over the last five years, the festival is now starting to reap the benefits of everyone’s joint efforts. “The Greenpop Reforest Fest is one of the purest examples of our mission in action. We want to help people (re)connect with our planet and each other, and year on year we watch the community grow, interact and celebrate together in the Platbos Forest,” says Misha Teasdale, Greenpop Tree-E-O. Misha attributes being in the magical space and working alongside inspired people as the reasons for making Reforest Festival her favourite festival.

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Family weekend: 11-13 March

Tickets available at: goo.gl/Cwe8TH

Friends’ weekend: 18-20 March

Tickets available at: goo.gl/fu4fta

Reforest Fest


Words: Lauren Joubert
Images: Supplied

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