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We know what you’re thinking: where can I find a spot in central Joburg to host a business meeting, have a delicious meal, and sip on some specialised Asian teas? Never fear, we have the solution: The Gwefey Group.


The oldest in the family, Gwefey Asian Cuisine is located in the World Trade Centre in Sandton, and is the perfect place to have a business lunch or a quick bite to eat between meetings. Offering “traditional dishes from Beijing to Shanghai, and Thailand to Tokyo”, Gwefey has created a sensual trip across the Asian continent via your palate. Make time over the weekend to take advantage of the 50% off sushi special, running from noon to 5pm on Saturdays, and for the whole of Sunday.


The gem of the Gwefey family is the Gwefey Tea House in the heart of Sandton City Shopping Centre. Decorated with classic Chinese pieces and rich colours, the tea house feels like you’ve stepped into the heart of the trendiest part of Beijing. Priding themselves on authenticity and quality, the chefs at Gwefey ensure that you’ll be eating the same dim sum and noodles that you would in China. The menu includes modern ingredients from around the globe, but paired with the Chinese classics, making for a unique and delicious experience. And as the ancient tradition of tea drinking is synonymous with Asian cultures, it’s recommended that you take the time to sample the varied and exotic teas on offer – it is a tea house, after all. If you find something you love, all the teas and teaware are available for purchase, so you can bring the beauty of Asia right into your home.


One of The Gwefey Group’s unique selling points is also its ability to cater for events of all sizes and descriptions. Gwefey Asian Cuisine and Gwefey Tea House are perfect for drinks, meals, private parties, and special events, while Gwefey Meeting Spaces can host anything from business meetings to conferences in the iconic Sinosteel skyscraper in Sandton.



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Words: Lucy Sarah Heaney
Images: Supplied & iStock

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