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The Farmer’s Daughter is an eclectic venue that serves creative farm-style food

The Farmer’s Daughter restaurant is run by Jen Pretorius and Tarryn Wallis. “Jen is really a farmer’s daughter and studied to become a chef. The concept of The Farmer’s Daughter actually started in 2013 when Jen catered for weddings from home. It soon evolved into a restaurant in 2014,” says Tarryn.

Set within a double-storey building that looks industrial from the outside, while inside the face brick walls create a backdrop to the quirky interior. You will find decor like a picture frame mounted on the wall, with smaller pictures and a hanging ornament set within the space. Wooden furniture is either kept looking simple, whitewashed or painted turquoise blue. The salt and pepper shakers are in the form of bunny ornaments, and tables are laden with ceramic plates of different colours.

“Having been approached by the owners of the building, which is triple the size we started in, has been rewarding. They truly believe in us and have helped us evolve from a small coffee shop into a big restaurant,” says Tarryn.

The restaurant serves locally sourced food and produce fresh from the farm. “We play on home-cooked bistro-style food with an added twist. We even have quirky names for each dish,” says Tarryn.

“One of the popular choices is the Big Boep Belly; two pork belly, with crispy pork crackling, served with buttery mash and vegetables. Another popular dish, which we struggle to keep track of is our lemon meringue jars.”

The Farmer’s Daughter recently started Friday Build-a-Burger evenings, which give guests a chance to be creative with their ingredients. “Soon we will be introducing a Sunday morning buffet with a twist. You will find things like French toast skewers or crumpets on a stick,” says Tarryn.

“It can be challenging finding a balance between being creative and giving people meals how they want them made.” The simplistic yet quirky approach of The Farmer’s Daughter is what makes it so unique and why it attracts so many visitors.

The Farmer’s Daughter

033 330 2958

Words: Megan Deane | Images: Kirsten Hughes Photography

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