It used to be that you showed your wealth by the things you owned. Now, however, the truly affluent focus as much on their health as they do on their possessions. Food fads such as the Banting diet and exercise programmes such as Crossfit, for example, are followed with almost cultish fervour in pursuit of the good life. While these do offer obvious benefits, they also show off your ability to pay for premium memberships and niche ingredients, leading to the new class of the virtuous wealthy.

Home Health Equipment

While much of this trend applies to out-of-home activities, it has some impact on our homes and living spaces. Premium health equipment needs specialised storage, and items like bicycles are given pride of place in homes instead of being hidden away in garages. Locally, Pedersen + Lennard have tapped into this need with their bike rack, applying the same design philosophy to this seemingly functional piece as they do to their furniture.

Home Health Equipment

The Standing Desk

A similar trend is being seen in home offices, where key pieces such as the standing desk are becoming must-have items. These ostensibly prevent a host of dangers associated with sitting down for long periods of time, and promote alertness and the ability to focus better. While bespoke solutions are available, brands such as DeskStand play into the trend with systems that help homeowners to adapt existing furniture. And, with a design-conscious customer in mind, they look pretty good too.

The role of this trend will only become more prominent in future as the culture around health becomes increasingly mainstream. Consciously or not, wellness and affluence have become intrinsically linked and, for many people, moving up in the world means adopting a healthier way of being.

Home Health Equipment



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Words: Chris Reid
Images: DeskStand, Pedersen + Lennard


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