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Juicing has become quite popular among foodies and the health-conscious, and with good reason. Fresh pressed veg and fruit juices offer you a plethora of benefits, ranging from weight loss, clearer skin and detoxification to boosting your metabolism and increasing your energy.

Juicing Veg and Fruits

How, you may ask? By juicing veg and fruits you’re able to get all their nutrients and minerals straight into your body without losing them in the cooking and digestion process. By focusing on vegetable juices, you’re also able to increase the amount and variety of veggies you eat.

Home-made Juices

Home-made juices make for filling and refreshing snacks or post-workout drinks and are even a treat to serve to guests. Sound like your cup of goodness? Then check out these easy recipes for juicing newbies and veterans alike.

Top tip

If you’re new to juicing, you can get yourself a juicer from most home and appliance stores. Start with a smaller, cheaper one and then if you decide juicing is for you, you can upgrade to a better one.


 Go Green

1 cup coconut water
4 cups baby spinach
1 cup broccoli
1 large peeled or organic cucumber
1 large green apple
1 knob ginger
Half a peeled lemon


Juice all your ingredients and pour over ice into two glasses for a healthy start to your morning. Or, pop it all into a mason jar and take it to work to sip on when you need an energy boost.


 Just Beet It!

2 large raw beetroots
4 large carrots
1 knob ginger
2 small red apples
1 cup purified water


Juice up your ingredients and sip this as a satisfying lunchtime drink, packed with Vitamin C and loads of yumminess.


 Red Alert

1 large, deseeded red pepper
1 large peeled or organic cucumber
2 large carrots
1 stalk celery
Half a peeled lime


Switch up your Bloody Mary for this healthy alternative – served best on the rocks with a dash of Tabasco sauce for extra mmm!

If you want all the benefits of juicing but simply don’t have the time to do it yourself, then check out for ready-made juices, delivered to your door.


Words: Jenna Kelly
Images: Supplied


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