Renovations can boost property values and ensure sellers achieve the most competitive price when the time comes to maximise the capital investment. However, while renovations can give homeowners an edge, it is essential projects, undertaken with the specific view for resale, have the desired effect.

Open Living Spaces

Open-plan living areas is one of the latest home renovation trends. Creating open living spaces would involve removing walls to open up space and flow between rooms, particularly the kitchen and the entertainment areas. It makes smaller homes appear bigger and creates a more social atmosphere.


Bathroom Space

A focus on creating luxurious bathrooms and to include under-floor heating, a standalone bathtub and a shower featuring multiple water options are a few of the trends taking the lead. Renovating bathrooms is one of the quickest and most effective ways to add value to your home or investment property. It is very important to take your physical and emotional needs into consideration when redoing your bathroom, as well as to make it as practical as possible. Lighting, colour and ventilation is the most important factors to implement.


Planning your renovation

Although knowing the top trends is vital, so is adding investment value and appeal. Home renovation is important to maintain your house, accommodate your changing needs, maximize its value if you’re planning to sell it, and make it more attractive. If you have the right people in place, and are on track with the latest trends, you are sure to add value to your home and make selling that much easier


Compiled on behalf of Tyson Properties 
By: Rainmaker Marketing








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