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Smell is one of the most powerful senses. It has the ability to evoke all kinds of emotions and is often intrinsically linked with what we think of as home. That’s why it’s no surprise that we’re seeing scent being emphasised in living-space trends. While, traditionally, this began with the often twee room fresheners, designers are now looking at new and sophisticated scents and diffusers for modern homes.


Trend: Nature Botanicals and Sassy Sweet

According to UK-based fragrance specialist Seven Scent, the trends for the coming year fall into two categories: nature-inspired botanicals and sassy sweets. The former comes from our desire for indoor-outdoor living and draws on florals like freesia to add a fresh feeling. The latter, on the other hand, draws on youth culture and embraces sugary and fruity notes with a retro edge. No matter which appeals to you, however, the trend is firmly towards natural (or nature-identical) scents, with harsh synthetics relegated to the back of the cupboard.

Designers are getting into this trend by turning the scent sources into objects of veneration. Many high-end brands are producing luxe versions of the classic scented candle, and brands like Apparatus are turning the humble incense burner into something that evokes both ritual and refined design.


Scent Signature

As our lives become increasingly defined by technology, and therefore homogenous, we start to place more emphasis on the senses when creating spaces. This is the same impulse behind the swing back to highly textured interiors and finishes, and is true too when it comes to creating a scent signature for our homes.



Seven Scent

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Words: Chris Reid

Images: Apparatus



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