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It’s not possible to escape certain decor “truths”, and no matter what trends change all around us, those hold true timelessly. Take black and white – it’s always been popular, but what’s changed is the type of materials, textures, accessories, and so on. Two interior decorators provide their top-three timeless trends.

Timeless trends

Lee Moon of Lee Moon Interiors, chooses:

  • Neutrals: visualise the Nordic/ Scandi feel – we continually go back to canvas whites/taupes as they form the base of every restful interior. It’s a universal style with which many people associate, even though they’re often unaware of why they do so. We return to the warmth offered by these absolute basics. A successful room employs various different textures and tones of neutral – from wool, silk and linens, to a nobbly cushion, woven sisal carpets and raw wooden decor. They can add pops of colour to fit in with current fashions, but the basis is always a quality neutral.
  • Natural woods: we’re seeing more and more natural woods – it has so many applications today – from flooring, ceilings, live edge furniture, decor items. It makes for cosy spaces and is “nature’s way” of adding additional texture to decor. Natural woods have always been used, but there’s a significant revival in appreciation for natural products.
  • White kitchens: there are so many variations of white kitchens, as they are considered timeless and classic. White complements neutrals perfectly, and no matter your style – farmhouse, cottage or contemporary – there’s a white kitchen style and texture for you. This can have colour added in the accessories, wallpaper, or tiling, but your basic stays clean and fresh looking and is universally appealing.

Constant favourites

Bailey Basson of Blue Capricorn Interior Design Studio picked out these:

  • Plants: the perfect way to bring life and character to any space. Not only do they add colour, but texture, and they bring nature inside. The quantity and type of plants are what makes the space personal – it could be some palms in a simple pot or basket, succulents in decorative vases or bunches of flowers on a table. The best part about plants is they’re easy to move around, inexpensive to change, and easy to fit into any design style and aesthetic.
  • Wallpaper: wallpaper used to have “dated” associations, but it’s made a huge comeback and, thanks to the massive variety, is here to stay! It’s one of the easiest ways to transform a space – again, the wallpaper design is down to personal style, but the options are endless – from a plain textured wallpaper, to a subtle pattern, to a bold graphic. These can also be custom made now with any photo or image you have available – the options are endless!
  • Layering: layering creates such warmth and comfort to any space. This can be done with layering furniture, that is, a rug, then table, then chairs, then scatter cushions, then throws, then table ornaments, then lighting, and so on – everything comes together to create an inviting and homely environment. This can be done with multiple textures of scatter cushions on a sofa; scatter cushions, blankets and throws on a bed; even walls are being layered with wallpaper, then multiple forms of wall decor, art, photos, mirrors, sculptures. Layering is done with purpose, it’s not just as many things as you can find thrown into one space… that’s called clutter!

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