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SafeHomes allows for seamless, real-time customer transactions, policy and claims administration and broker engagement via an online customer portal, as well as personalised underwriting based on the needs, behaviour and risk profile of each customer.

This not only makes homeowners insurance more flexible and accessible, but there are also significant financial savings to be realised by embracing the IoT and its mitigating impact on risk and the cost of insurance.

“SafeHomes creates an environment where consumers get to engage with their brokers and insurance products through a seamless suite of multiple digital service channels, providing quick and easy access to their product portfolio, policy documents, endorsements, claims and so on.

“Policyholders get to actively manage not only their insurance portfolio, but all the related home technology services in their own time, from any connected device,” explains Cornel Schoeman, chief operating officer, GENRIC Insurance.

How does it work?

The introduction of utility, security and emergency management tools, interfaced to a self-service portal is at the core of the SafeHomes promise.

  • SafeHomes Smart Geyser Energy Management:
    A “Geasy” is a smart device that curbs usage by allowing you to optimally schedule and remotely switch your geyser on and off via a web app.
  • SafeHomes Burst Geyser Detection:
    The Geasy drip tray sensor helps reduce the risk of geyser bursts or leaks—and the resultant losses associated with such events – by detecting water in the geyser’s drip tray and generating early warning notifications before further damage or loss occurs.
  • SafeHomes Water Metering:
    This provides early detection of excessive water usage. The technology interfaces with existing water meters and can detect high waterflow rates or events that otherwise could easily go undetected, such as pipe bursts, underground leaks, taps left running, and so on.
  • SafeHomes Emergency Services:
    With the app installed on your cellphone, the emergency panic button will automatically dial up the closest contracted security provider when activated, sending your location details to the security provider. The call can also be routed to receive emergency medical attention. Future enhancements will allow for CCTV integration and enhanced home security and emergency options.

The big picture

“With SafeHomes leveraging the internet of things, we’re able to use advanced analytics to deliver more granular individual risk profiles, and that’s good news for consumers looking to streamline their costs and take ownership of their risks. We believe in leveraging transformative tech that matters to customers and adds value to their lifestyle and puts savings back in their pocket,” concludes Schoeman.

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