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Moving to new shores

Aug 02, 2021
The recent violence and looting in South Africa, combined with the tardiness of government’s Covid-19 vaccination programme, has led to a spike in demand for second residency and citizenship programmes As the epicentre of the coronavirus meets the brunt of the violent protests in Gauteng and KZN, the vulnerability of South Africans is called into …
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An alternative to trustees

Jul 26, 2021
When considering if your sectional title scheme should be appointing trustees or an executive managing agent (EMA) to manage the scheme, the real question may rather be whether the scheme is being managed with the necessary care and consideration “Many sectional title schemes are either badly managed or no members are willing to stand as …

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In it for the long haul

Aug 02, 2021
No matter the market, property remains a good investment and investors who do their homework, can yield excellent returns in both the short and long term Entering the rental arena will always be an excellent investment, offering rental returns in the short term and capital gains in the long term, says Lorraine-Marie Dellbridge, rentals manager, Lew Geffen …

Interior Design
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Your bathroom is an asset – treat it like one

Jul 01, 2021
House-hunters know the feeling well: they walk into a house and love it straight away. They love the sun streaming through the entrance hall. They love the wooden floors, the high ceilings and the spacious bedrooms. And then they walk into the kitchen and their hearts sink. In the bathroom, their hearts sink even further. …

Best of local design

Jun 01, 2021

The real deal

Apr 20, 2021

Bo-Kaap glamour

Mar 23, 2021

I, robot

Mar 17, 2021

Light it up

Mar 02, 2021

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