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Sure, Wintery weekends can be sleepy in Cape Town – but does that mean you can’t go out and have a great time? the Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay could be a real game-changer for any weekend.

In the old authentic corners of the Hout Bay Harbour lies over 100 stalls hiding out in a former fish factory, with external tented alleys and vibrant courtyards. The market on the water’s edge is protected from the elements and covers all the trading areas, meaning you can enjoy this experience even in the not-so-sunny weather.

Every weekend the market opens its doors to the eager public, inviting the community from both the surrounds and elsewhere to indulge in the cultural beauty of the bay. What’s more is that this market is part of a Hangberg Social Upliftment Project, and it is involved in multiple projects contributing to community-building and upliftment as a platform for sustainable business creation.

The unique socialise-shop-and-eat experience is home to an atmosphere filled with proudly South African attributes, friendly people, and a consistently vibrant feeling. Music and entertainment are huge parts in the Bay Harbour Market, and a regular part of the programme. The market hosts performances by diverse South African entertainers and musos alike.

Under the roof of the market, traders produce a product mix on a large scale – from art, craft, fashion or design, and of course, the wide range of exquisite foods to tantalise your taste buds. The market aims to become a favourite destination on the South African map for tourists and locals. So far, so good.

The Bay Harbour Market has proved to be popular since it was founded, every weekend there’s something new to fix your eyes on, or tickle your taste buds. Whether you want to fill a gap in your weekend or just spend the day moseying around an eclectic market – Hout Bay should be first on your list of places to pay a visit to.

Words: Meaghan Essel
Images: Supplied

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