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Two iconic brands from Durban…have partnered to release an exquisite range of limited-edition cake bags

The collaboration between Château Gâteaux and Lou Harvey began on the back of both brands’ expansion into the Middle East, when Château Gâteaux marketing manager Anna Kelly found herself on the same flight home from Dubai as friend Lou Harvey.

“It was totally coincidental that Anna and I ended up on the same flight,” explains Lou, who is pictured above with Anna, “but as we got to talking, we began discussing opportunities to work together and do something unique. We had discussed the notion of our two brands working together before, but it really took that flight to push this project into action.”

Over the years, many Château Gâteaux clients have expressed interest in having a cooler bag that would make transporting their cakes from A to B a lot easier. Anna quickly saw the opportunity to develop an innovative solution in collaboration with Lou Harvey’s expertise and creative insight.

Paul Wiggins from Badges and Silver Art

“Partnering with Lou on this project was a dream,” says Anna. “She has the perfect combination of structural insight and material understanding to design a bag that will maintain the integrity of our cakes. Add to this her incredible flair and design talent, and we knew we had a winning recipe.”

A unique finishing touch was included by a third partner, Badges and Silver Art, a Durban-based company that manufactures medals, trophies, cufflinks and lapel pins for events such as the Comrades Marathon, the Seoul Winter Olympics and for Nelson Mandela.

The final touch was added by owner Paul Wiggins and came in the form of beautifully crafted Château Gâteaux zippers that replaced the iconic “LH” zips found on most Lou Harvey bags. The bags are uniquely designed to hold two Château Gâteaux 24cm cakes and are insulated like cooler bags to ensure the safety and integrity of the cakes inside.

“But I wouldn’t be surprised if people find other uses for the bags too,” chuckles Anna. “They are super stylish, and the unique square shape makes them ideal to pack cooldrinks or snacks for the beach or a trip to the park. So, I expect we’re going to see a lot of excitement around these bags!”

The limited-edition bags come in three beautiful designs that are instantly recognisable as Lou Harvey creations. Only 100 of each design will be released, and the bags will be available at any of the 15 Château Gâteaux Pâtisseries nationwide, from end July to coincide with their 22nd birthday. The bags will retail at R399 each.

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