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While the “little India” of Fordsburg still offers the widest range of Indian restaurants in the city, you can also find a good selection of authentic Indian eateries in the ’burbs. But change is as good as a holiday, right? If you want to add a little more spice to your naan, here are our three picks of Indian restaurants with a twist.


Cornucopia: the one that’s not all Indian

A relatively new arrival on the scene, Cornucopia is tucked inconspicuously into the Dunkeld West Shopping Centre. You can get all the usual curry dishes you know and love, but then you can also order regular food with an Indian touch. Try their take on the omelette with paneer, the chicken curry toasted sandwich or the cumin chickpea burger.

When and Where?

011 268 1937


Dosa Hut: the South Indian variety

Most Joburg curry houses specialise in North Indian cuisine, so the few South Indian restaurants stand out. Dosa Hut in Fordsburg specialises in the cornerstone of southern Indian food, the dosa – a crepe made from a rice and dhal batter. Choose from the basic masala dosa to variations such as lamb, chicken, egg and mushroom.

When and Where?

011 492 1456


Thava: the one with Indian tapas

Indian food lends itself perfectly to communal eating, which makes one wonder why Indian tapas aren’t more of a thing. Thava takes the gap, offering a selection of Indian tapas dishes that are perfect for sharing. Order a few of these as starters, or more of them to make into a main meal. If you’re not into the whole tapas idea, you can still order standard Indian dishes off their main menu.

When and Where?

011 728 2826

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