Coffee drinkers across the country are squealing with excitement at the launch of Dunkin’ Donuts South Africa in just over three weeks! Celebrate International Coffee Day on 1 October!

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 In light of International Coffee Day,Davin Berrill, COO of Dunkin’ Donuts South Africa Chief Operating Officer (COO) offers the following tips for brewing the perfect cup of coffee:

* Store coffee beans in cool, dry spaces at room temperature for the best results.

* Coffee absorbs the flavours and aromas surrounding it, store in an airtight container to keep the coffee fresher for longer.

* Clean your brewer/plunger before brewing for an even better tasting coffee.

* The longer your coffee percolates, the more bitter it gets. To avoid a bitter taste ensure that you brew your coffee for no longer than five minutes.

* Reheating coffee is a recipe for bad coffee. Instead, use a coffee percolator or an insulated mug to keep it piping hot.

* Ground coffee remains fresh for up to seven days after opening, whole bean coffee up to 20 days.

* The finer you grind coffee, the stronger the flavour gets. Experiment to see what your ideal grind is.


Dunkin’ Donuts South Africa

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