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As lockdown stretches into another two weeks while we flatten the curve, it’s imperative that we all keep inside at home – avoiding even the shops if we can. Luckily, we have a bunch of intrepid delivery options for our essentials, all of which maintain the advised hygiene protocol to keep us safe but equipped.

Farm fresh

Desperate to keep your eggs free range and your vegetables seasonal? Mbewu has you covered with a variety of combination boxes delivered from the market to your door. Affordable and offering a wide variety of box fillers including greenery, snacks and eggs, Mbewu is an easy way to support local during lockdown while keeping up your organic lifestyle.

Deli to Door

Are you even on lockdown if you don’t have a snack strategy? Tuckbox will deliver a delightful selection of sophisticated snacks to keep you munching through isolation. Think bonbons, assorted nuts, biscotti and fruit strips coated in yoghurt, among mouth-watering others. Tuckbox also have a “no-touch” delivery policy and provide a step-by-step guide on their website to how they manage hygiene. Even better, R50 of each delivery over R800 goes to the Solidarity Fund to keep our economy afloat.

Meat musts

Even global lockdown can’t extinguish a South African’s braai flames and if it’s niche, pasture-raised beef, lamb or chicken you’re after, there are plenty of willing suppliers. Jackson’s Real Food Market will deliver your order to you, booked through WhatsApp or, alternatively, will offer a personal shopping service where you’ll order, an employee will collect the groceries, and meet you at your parking spot where they will deliver – no touching required.


Coffee not the same without your collagen powder? Or perhaps you’re baking your own vegan bread and need to get hold of some potato starch – whatever it is that ranks high on the pure, natural and wholesome scale, is available for delivery on Faithful to Nature.

While the ecommerce store is only selling the essentials here, you may find a few supplements and ingredients that you can’t at a regular supermarket. Normal delivery times apply and to make the deal sweeter, for every order made in April, Faithful to Nature will donate a meal to FoodForward SA. How’s that for feel-good shopping?

All together now

Want a few things from a few different shops but would rather someone else do the gathering for you? One Cart is a clever little app that does just that. From hot-cross buns at Woolworths to gluten-free bread at Jackson’s, sushi from Food Lover’s and Sinutab from Clicks, you’ll get it all together, within two hours.

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