Words: Lucy Sarah O’Connell | Images: Supplied

There’s an exciting new fair coming to town, and it’s the perfect opportunity to eat, drink, and get exceptionally merry.

Organised by the same committee that has been behind the Clarens Craft Beer Festival and SA on Tap for the past six years, the South African Distillery Fair, taking place on Saturday, 25 August, is set to be the ultimate afternoon out for anyone who’s passionate about spirits.

Unlike many other craft fairs on the South African calendar, the South African Distillery Fair is special for two key reasons: first off, only South African spirits will be on show at the fair, and rather than focusing on just one type, visitors can expect to be treated to the best in South African whiskey, gin, vodka, rum, brandy and more. And adding to the unique feel of the day will also be its venue.

“The Joburg event is very special in that it’s taking place at The South African National War Museum. This offers a touch of class like no other as fair visitors can literally walk through history while enjoying the drams that South African distilleries have to offer. Newcomers will have the opportunity to wet their taste buds with the excellent range of gin, while seasoned experts can relish in the various vodkas, rums, whiskeys, brandies as well as moonshine options available. Each visitor to the show will receive a branded fair glass with a bottle of water when entering the fair,” says Gavin Kearns, event director, South African Distillery Fair.

With over 30 brands taking part, the team have hand-selected each distillery that will be showcasing at the fair, and you can expect to see both large powerhouses and small craft producers that you haven’t heard of before.

“The fair is in line with global trends in the distilling industry which has shown massive growth in distilleries. South Africa is undergoing a gin craze and gin is only the beginning of what the alchemists at South Africa’s distilleries can offer. The fair offers its attendees a unique opportunity to meet the distillers, sample the various ranges of distillate and experiment with different botanicals themselves,” adds Gavin.

With so many delicious tipples to taste, and an opportunity to get up and close with history, too, you’ll definitely see us there

South African Distillery Fair