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Enjoy living in an upmarket lifestyle estate where modern and secure family homes amongst landscaped green spaces won’t cost you the earth

If you’ve always dreamt of providing your family with a quality, safe and affordable lifestyle, it’s time to wake up to good news! At Lion Pride Lifestyle Estate near Fourways, Johannesburg, a freestanding, full title home close to urban conveniences, such as a shopping centre and private school, costs between a modest R1,1m and R1,8m. Compared to similar, more affluent developments where properties sell for more than R4m, it’s a no-brainer that Lion Pride Estate is a step ahead offering excellent value for money. Families earning a combined income of R35,000 or more per month, can now buy a modern and secure home in an upmarket lifestyle estate.


Backed by 28 years of experience in residential property development means the Cosmopolitan Projects and Central Developments Group knew the ropes when they developed Lion Pride Estate. In the 13 years it took them to turn the land into fully serviced stands to build more than 2,700 houses and 1,400 apartments, they continued to develop other mega developments across Gauteng – a work ethic that taught them valuable lessons to implement in Lion Pride.

“We realised we can’t just build thousands of houses without excellent security, amenities and infrastructure such as schools, shopping centres, transport services, churches and recreational facilities,” says Alda Erasmus, head of communication, Cosmo Central Group. “Since our group’s core values are uplifting and improving the lives of people, we wanted to provide safety and comfort with access to all the modern conveniences. We don’t just build houses, we build communities.”


The same care and attention that went into the design of the modern, functional, and stylish houses, extended to the urban design of the 17ha of recreational green space. This includes the entrances, sidewalks, and traffic circles throughout the greater development – resulting in a beautiful overall aesthetic.

This month, Lion Pride has already welcomed their first residents, which means a bustling and active community life can soon be expected with sidewalks full of residents cycling, jogging, or walking their dogs. Many people will also be working from home thanks to the estate’s fibre internet connectivity.

Within two years, children will be attending the development’s private school, and residents will be visiting local shops for essentials before meeting friends at the coffee shop or restaurant.

Take a tour of the Lion Pride Residential Estate


The developer’s work here, however, is not done yet. The future of your investment needs to be secured, too. To help develop and manage Lion Pride Estate in the most effective way, Cosmopolitan Projects partnered with its highly experienced sister company Central Developments.

Besides each of Lion Pride’s eight individual security estates’ homeowners’ associations (HOAs), an overarching HOA will be responsible for maintaining the communal facilities, security and public infrastructure shared between all the estates. This will ensure the greater Lion Pride Estate maintains the highest standards and quality. Cosmopolitan Projects and Central Developments will manage this HOA for five years after the last property has been transferred to ensure clients’ investments are protected and that there’s a succession plan for when the developer stands down in future.


For a greater return on your investment in a new development, buy sooner rather than later – the first phases are always the most competitively priced. As the development becomes more established and sought after, the prices increase exponentially. Conservatively estimated, Lion Pride owners can expect to see about 10% capital growth year on year.


Cosmopolitan Projects team – 010 045 9099
Central Developments team – 063 292 9914

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