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For 23 years, Decorex has been the trailblazer of South Africa’s decor and design industry. Boasting over 120,000 visitors every year, Decorex SA continues to offer affordable living solutions.

Showcasing proudly homegrown content, while incorporating the latest international trends has become Decorex SA’s forte. Aside from the exceptional quality at every stand, you can also expect to see world-class appliance exhibitors proudly showcasing their latest ranges. Sian Cullingworth, portfolio director, Decorex SA, gives us some insight into this year’s exhibition.

Decorex SA

Tell us more about this year’s theme.

Our lives are constantly impacted by the fast-paced electronic world. This can negatively affect our senses if we don’t have a space that allows us to step back and have a moment of quiet introspection. We’re seeking refuge in silence, searching for a closeness with nature that, for many, is an elusive reality instead of something we immerse ourselves in daily. The 2017 theme, “Make your space your living dream”, leans towards this natural ethos within the home, creating a liveable haven that seeps calmness and inspires wholesome living.

What are some of the highlights that visitors should be on the lookout for?

There are some amazing new features that will be at the show which include “We are Cape Town”, the Designer Spotlight by Dylan Thomaz, Decorex SA Trend House, Painted Wolf Wine Bar, Noir Restaurant and Bar, Franke Kitchen Design Project, and 2017 Plascon Colour Forecast, to mention a few.

Decorex SA

Running from 10am to 6pm from 27 to 30 April, R95 will get you an all access pass to the show at the CTICC. Expect to see the design and decor industry out in all its glory.

Decorex SA

Two questions for Cape Town’s chosen designer Dylan Thomaz, from Studio Dylan Thomaz.

What is your go-to design item to make any room look good?
Either a great couch or art.

Which area of a house do you get most excited about decorating?
The living room is my favourite. I love layers and telling stories, and this is the best room to do that in.

Decorex SA

Words: Lauren Daniels |Images: @home & Supplied

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