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Chef Daniela Gutstadt, Executive Chef of Lanseria’s Culinary Table Restaurant and Deli, will be taking part in the Chelsea Music Festival in New York this weekend.

The Chelsea Music Festival celebrates music by bringing together leading musicians and exciting newcomers to the culinary, performing and visual arts, creating interesting and intimate music experiences for the attendees. The Festival takes place in different venues throughout Chelsea, paying tribute to one of New York’s most dynamic neighbourhoods.

Chef Daniela Gutstadt will be taking part in one of the Family Events during the Festival – To Infinity and Bach. She’ll be helping children explore poetry through food and teaching kids to make a popular treat from composer Johann Sebastian Bach’s time. Legendary poet Dana Gioia will also be taking part in the event to show how poetry can be woven into everything, from the music of Bach to that of Jazz Pianist Helen Sung, who will also be at the event.

Chef Daniela Gutstadt completed a Grande Diploma in Classic Culinary Arts at the International Culinary Centre in New York and now heads up The Culinary Table Restaurant and Deli. The restaurant showcases garden-to-table cuisine, with food created from scratch using organic, free-range produce. The Restaurant’s garden provides much of the fresh produce used on the menu, with meat sourced direct from the farm and butchered on site, seafood from sustainable sources and speciality products sourced from small producers that follow a sustainable ethos.

The Culinary Table Restaurant and Deli is open for breakfast during weekdays from 8 – 11h30 AM and on weekends from 9AM – 11h30 AM, and for lunch during weekdays from 12 – 3PM and during weekends from 12 – 2PM. For more information, visit the website.

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