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The word artisan is in danger of being overused in the foodie world, but if anyone deserves to lay claim, it is Loaves on Long. High-quality ingredients, traditional methods and delicious food made in small quantities are what it’s all about at this new eatery on Long Street.

Loaves on Long

Fresh artisanal bread

Wafts of baking bread draw in morning passers-by as co-owner Ciska Roussouw bakes the day’s batch of sourdough rye, ciabatta and seed loaves, while rolling out a fresh batch of home-made croissants in the open bakery and chatting to regulars as she works.

Her business partner Lyndal Wakeford has home-made salamis curing and bresaola marinating in red wine while she creates short but enticing lunch menus, focusing on satisfying dishes such as angelfish ravioli with bouillabaisse, kudu pot pie and Caesar salad.

Loaves on Long

The story behind Loaves on Long

The two chefs opened Loaves on Long in April after falling in love with the historic building (uneven wood floors, exposed brick and a wide, sunny balcony) only a few months before, which kick-started a long-term dream of running their own place. Their approach is simple: the best ingredients, a changing menu of simple and excellent dishes, and a friendly neighbourhood vibe.

Loaves on Long

Popularity grows each day

The eatery has become a favourite for a community of regulars who grab a table to work over coffee, pop in for breakfast, or come for Friday-night pizza evenings with live music, and cheerful hands-on baking and cooking classes on Saturday mornings.

“We believe in quality,” says Ciska, “things done the right way and made with love.” This shows in the sourcing of their ingredients too: their flour comes from the Overberg where it’s milled to their requirements; eggs from a small flock of happy chickens; organic vegetables grown locally; and herbs are in pots on the upstairs balcony.

“If you respect what you do, you have to respect the ingredients,” she continues. “Our suppliers put time and love into their produce, so it feels wrong to throw anything away.” So yesterday’s bread is transformed into bunches of delicate and tasty Melba toasts, perfect to munch on while ordering.

Loaves on Long

It’s hard to leave without a crusty round sourdough loaf tucked under your arm, and even harder not to tear off chunks of tangy, chewy bread heaven as you head off down Long Street.

Taste for yourself

Loaves on Long

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Words: Kit Heathcock
Images: Supplied

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