I was privileged enough to get hold of this limited edition Night Sabre edition of Belvedere Vodka. At first glance it’s pretty difficult to not notice the sheer beauty of the bottle itself. There was certainly something special about this limited edition. The illustrious Night Sabre bottle lit up at a touch of a button at the bottom of the bottle itself. Talk about luxurious. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to taste it.

About Belvedere

An exceptional vodka of unrivalled elegance and smoothness, Belvedere is the essential spirit for the connoisseur of finer things. Defined as the world’s original luxury vodka, it delivers superior character and flavour, and owes its purity to the 100% Dankowskie ‘Gold’ Rye from which it is made. Belvedere – which means “beautiful to see” – is named after the Belweder Palace in Warsaw, home of the Polish president. An illustration of the palace is displayed on each bottle, reinforcing that Belvedere Vodka is both beautiful to see and taste. Completely free of additives (including sugar or glycerin), the vodka’s distilled four times for a perfect balance of purity and character.

Tasting Treat

I let my beautiful bottle light up my fridge for a few hours before I decided to sip on it in my tumbler glass. (I felt as though I needed a swankier glass to hold this polish delight.) Needless to say, the glass didn’t reflect on the class of this premium vodka.

The first thing I noticed upon my tasting was the soft vanilla scent. Ever so faint and dreamy, the vanilla smell made me anticipate that first sip even more. I was pleasantly surprised at the well bodied rich, velvety texture. The vodka I know is usually quite sharp, in comparison to the creamy mix of vanilla and spice.

Next up, I mixed it up into a simple vodka and fresh lime spritzer with some crushed ice. Apart from being delectably tasty and enjoyable, it was crisp, yet relaxing to sip on too.

A highly recommended vodka journey, Belvedere is certainly not a spirit to be drunk, but rather experience.

Words: Lauren Joubert |Images: Supplied

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