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Mass personalisation has been a growing trend for many years. As customers become more aware of their options and specific in their tastes, they are no longer content with the same five items in a store that are available to everyone else. There is a desire for objects and pieces that speak to the owner’s individuality, but at the same time people are less and less likely to make things themselves. And though there’s been a resurgence in heritage crafts like crochet, sewing and even taxidermy, few people would be able or willing to make their own furniture.


Customised products come with a price

In a recent Bain survey, respondents stated that they were willing to pay 20% more for products that were customised to meet their taste. And as online retail becomes more and more popular, the trend towards such customisation is growing. The design brand TOG, for example, was launched with exactly this in mind. It creates “naked” products and then allows buyers to customise them online or select a professional customiser to do it on their behalf. In South Africa, Amoq furniture is on a similar track with their opentop legs. These allow users to take any flat surface and turn it into a bespoke table.



As technology catches up with our desire to be different, we’ll see more and more brands allowing customers to make their mark on their homeware. After all, why just keep up with the Jonses when it’s just as easy (and infinitely more interesting) to set yourself apart?




Words: Chris Reid
Images: Amoq and TOG


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