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I first met chef and restaurant owner Andre Schubert when he was a young surfer at The Wedge. Each Durban winter he tackled that perfect glassy left as if it were his last. His cut-backs were clean and sharp, his surf silhouette, high-definition. (Ja, I was a surf grommet back in the day sitting on the rocks watching real surfers in awe.)


Refresh to 2015 and that same young salt-soaked surf rat is now a clean-shaven, crisp-100%-Egyptian-cotton-shirted, respected restaurateur. The flaming success of his stylish restaurant, Market, in summery Jacaranda-blossoming Morningside, echoes his knack of catching consistent good waves and giving it his signature creative touch.

Walking into the Market

The moment you walk into Market you feel teleported into a calming Japanese garden, yet there is absolutely nothing oriental here, not on their menu, or in their decor. It’s simply akin to that serene Saturday morning feeling that accompanies soaking up a beautiful Japanese artwork. You are naturally lured in to Market with its fairy-tale courtyard where long, leggy Fassler-like Leopard-print trees hold elegant sway and a gentle summer’s breeze curls around your knees as you tuck into grilled Durban hand-crafted pork sausages served with an onion and rooi wyn gravy on mash or Banting cauli-mash. Heaven.

Market Photos (5)-min

Food at the Market

I love that breakfast at Market is open all day. It appeals to the food eccentrics craving cinnamon hotcakes at 3pm. They are delish and I love them with black cherry compote, dark chocolate sauce and creme fraiche. Or how about their yummy potato rosti with streaky pig’s belly, rocket, tomato relish and creme fraiche…

Market 2-min

I have always been a big fan of their seafood cakes with slaai and mayo, but they have altered the recipe and it is somewhat heavier. Perhaps our Banting hysteria has made us crave the light. But I do hanker after their vintage seafood cakes, lighter, meltier, less fry, less lashings of peachy-melba mayo (colour, not flavour).

Carnivores, though, will definitely delight in their famed lamb burger, Moroccan spiced and crusted with mint and feta topped with tomato, red onion and refreshing coriander salsa.

Taste for yourself:


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Words: Suzy Bell 
Images: Supplied

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