The sleepy town of Sedgefield on the Garden Route is home to several good restaurants, including unassuming Montecello Restaurant, which is always a very popular choice with the locals.

A local favourite

Ask anyone in the town which dish you simply must have when dining there and the answer is unequivocal. Montecello is quite famous for the juiciest, tastiest espetadas… the kind that will inspire you to return again and again.

montecellointeriorSomething meaty

Espetada, for those who don’t know, is a typical Portuguese dish made of big chunks of marinated steak that is skewered onto a spike and cooked over the coals or on the grill. It is typically presented vertical, always making for a bit of a show-stopper at the table and no doubt inducing no small degree of diner envy in the process!

iStock_72097901_XLARGE-compressedMy husband, Salvelio, and I spent a weekend in Sedgefield recently and, since he was in the mood for something meaty, Montecello was top of our list.

Food envy!

Hubby put his order in first. You guessed it: espetada. Here’s where I’m still kicking myself. Instead of ordering one too, I chose another dish. You see, when reviewing a restaurant the whole idea is to choose different mains so you can share a more diverse experience with the reader.

The result? I sat salivating for half-an-hour while picking half-heartedly at my order while Salvelio piled into his ode to meat with gusto; garlic butter dripping delectably off the chunks of steak and onto the generous bowl of chips below. It all sounds very carnivorous, I know, but if that’s what you’re in the mood for you absolutely will not be disappointed.

Wash it down

Try it with a bottle of Creation Whale Pod red from Walker Bay and you will still be talking about this very merry match, just as Salvelio is.

What can I say about my dish – sweet and sour chicken strips with rice? It was absolutely fine. Nice even. But how can it possibly compare?

All I can say is go to Montecello. Have the espetada and basta!

Bookings are advised since they are usually packed, especially at the weekend.

Montecello Restaurant

044 343 1780 / 082 373 2738

Words: Louise Liebenberg | Images: Louise Liebenberg and Salvelio Meyer

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