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Whether you’re looking to get out of Joburg for a long weekend, a night, or even just for a day, Mountain Sanctuary Park is the perfect spot to head for. Less than two hours out of Joburg, this privately owned nature reserve offers the ideal break from the big city and a chance to relax in the incredible Magaliesberg Mountains.


Having been open to the public for more than 37 years, Mountain Sanctuary Park is proud of its well-deserved reputation for being one of the quietest and most peaceful places in South Africa. With strict rules about noise levels and music on the reserve, guests are guaranteed to find themselves surrounded by the relaxing sounds of nature nestled among the mountains.



A hiking reserve at its core, Mountain Sanctuary Park offers trails that range from 15 minutes to eight hours, though there are no guided hikes or set routes, so hiking enthusiasts are welcome to enjoy the freedom of over 1,000ha of land. With hiking options for all levels of fitness and experience, families of all ages and descriptions can set off on a little adventure and end up by having a dip in some of the crystal-clear mountain rock pools – undoubtedly one of the sanctuary’s most famous assets.


Peace and quiet

If you have a little more time on your hands, Mountain Sanctuary Park offers simple accommodation options to give you the chance to explore the reserve over a few days. With the choice of staying in self-catering cabins, chalets, or at the campsite, guests are able to enjoy being surrounded by nature in any level of comfort. With rates coming in at around R500 per adult per night for the most comprehensive accommodation, spending time at Mountain Sanctuary Park is also incredibly affordable.

As the number of people allowed into the park is capped each day at 180, it’s essential to call ahead and book your spot. Set out early for a day trip, pack your walking boots and supplies for a braai, and enjoy an unparalleled experience in one of South Africa’s most breathtaking spots.


Mountain Sanctuary Park

014 534 0114


Words: Lucy Sarah Heaney | Images: Supplied

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