The autumn instalment of the Kamers/Makers craft show is coming to St John’s this month and promises to have something for everyone

The name Kamers/Makers has become synonymous with incredible crafts, delicious creations and an all-round incredible day out for South Africans looking to support local businesses and feel inspired. As a treasure trove of handcrafted creativity, this seasonal showcase is now moving into its 15th year, with the weekend reintroducing Kamers/Makers favourites to discerning shoppers, while also highlighting some of South Africa’s most creative, innovative and exciting new makers to the scene.

What makes Kamers/Makers so successful and remarkable is the sheer variety and skill of its artisan designers – many of whom are national leaders in their fields. By building on the ever-growing demand for handcrafted, South African-produced products, the team behind Kamers/Makers is able to empower creative entrepreneurs to showcase their wares and meet with customers directly, encouraging them to build genuine relationships and connections. It’s a concept that many feel has been lost through generations of globalisation and commercialisation, but which Kamers/Makers is successfully bringing back every year, and which customers are growing to love. In purchasing something directly from the passionate designer who conceptualised, developed and created it, there’s a transfer of appreciation and value for that product, and many customers will purposefully return to Kamers/Makers each year just to reconnect with an individual or brand that they’ve supported for years.

Kamers 01

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In 2017, the Kamers/Makers team will be looking to solidify its position as boosters of creative entrepreneurship in South Africa, with its focus highlighting this year as the year of “making good”. Giving hundreds of talented entrepreneurs a supportive and nurturing environment where they can cut their teeth in retail, this year the team is also working hard to leverage the power of its platform to build new businesses, create jobs and secure livelihoods for the thousands who benefit from Kamers/Makers through a number of structured initiatives. With more than 150 makers offering their proudly local artisan wares, delicious food and wine, and live music at St John’s College in Houghton, you’ll want to grab the whole family and make a full day of your visit.


Words: Lucy Sarah Heaney | Images: Lauren Kim

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