rsz_ms-logoMS Development Ltd. is a company with a team of highly qualified professionals. We are committed to create buildings that endure the test of time, combining the latest sustainable design and construction techniques. We have an enviable track record of completing on time, on budget and to the highest quality and design criteria. Our mission and strategy is not just simply to build buildings, but to build homes for generations, where families are living together and to create memories and precious moments, to build buildings for the needs of modern business, which are seen as investments in future developing business, and buildings that bring happiness, profits and satisfaction of their owners.

When we started our company we were focused on improving our designs and adding quality locations of our estates and developments all around Europe and South Africa. Right after that we moved to improving customer care. Within only 2 years, we went from 69% customer satisfaction to 92%. For us this is the key for success.

Profit isn’t our most important principle. We are a leading company with a reputation for delivering – no matter how great the challenge. However, we have found that if we put our clients first, work and construct fantastic products and properties, start a process that makes home buying simple, and then take care of our community, profits are the natural result.

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