In our series New to the Neighbourhood we introduce you to someone who has just chosen a new home – and ’hood – and ask them what they love about it.

Karen and Mark Bydawell knew as soon as they stepped into their new home in Durban North that they wanted to live there even though it wasn’t what they were originally looking for. The home itself won them over; the location was the cherry on top, and the gorgeous Durban winter didn’t hurt! Here’s what they love about their new neighbourhood.

How did you find your property?

Mark first saw it on Private Property and then a few days later noticed that it was going to be on show with Wakefields Real Estate. We were actually looking for a two- or three-bedroom home in a gated complex. Something smaller and less expensive. But we fell in love with the advert, which showed the house beneath a rainbow! I even sent the photograph to my parents in the UK. We had to have a look! It was a rainy Sunday, grey and miserable, but as we stepped into the kitchen, we turned to each other and said, “We want to live here.”

What do you wish you’d known before you started looking?

Nothing really, because between our agent Jan, the sellers and the attorneys, everything went so smoothly. For us, it felt like it was meant to be. We just couldn’t wait to move in (that was the middle of January this year, and we got married in April). What do you love about your home? When Mark moved to the UK, he couldn’t cook at all. Over those seven or eight years, he spent his spare time glued to the food channel, but now he’s a fabulous, adventurous cook. I, too, love cooking, so the kitchen sold the house to us. Well, certainly to me; and the outdoor patio and garden sold it to him!

Did you know exactly which area you wanted to live in?

Mark grew up in Durban North and knows the area intimately. He went to school at Northwood and his parents live near us. For me, coming from the UK, I wanted to be able to walk everywhere and I was told that’s not possible in Durban. Well, we are two minutes’ walk from a range of shops and restaurants – it’s a brilliant location.

What’s your favourite thing about your area?

It’s quiet and peaceful yet friendly; it almost has a village feel.

Where’s your favourite local coffee spot?

Mayfair Café, just behind our house – literally less than five minutes away!

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Words: Andrea Kirk
Images: Supplied

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