There’s a fresh new coffee spot in town – here’s why you should get in on the vibe

Noble Coffee is fresh new coffee spot that ticks all right boxes: Instagram-worthy decor, top-notch menu and an all-round awesome atmosphere. We chat with the coffee-enthusiast behind it all – barista, comedian and event promotor Dylan Shawn – to get the inside scoop!

Q: Hey Dylan. You’ve been involved in the coffee and cafe industry for some time now. Share a little about the birth of Noble Coffee with us.

A: A few months ago, I met someone who had an idea to host an event with Durban locals chatting to the public about their respective career fields, called The Ten Minutes Club. I was asked to talk at the very first session where I was then introduced to the owners of the venue where the event was held. After chatting to them for a while, I disclosed my love for the location and shared my ideas about how a coffee bar would be amazing in the gallery space. I was quite surprised when they told me that it had been a long-time dream of theirs to have a coffee spot in that very space! So the following week, I bought an espresso machine, and the rest is history.

Q: Tell us a bit about about your name and logo.

A: I have a little furry companion, a Boston Terrier, by the name of Bobby Cortado. The logo and name both derive from him. My partner Erin often refers to Bobby as “The Noble Hound”, which seemed to roll off the tongue, and so Noble Coffee it was.

Q: What makes Noble Coffee different?

A: Noble is one of the very few speciality coffee bars around, and our location is amazing. Even though the coffee bar is only 24m2, we have three floors in the building and there are many little awesome seating places, each one transporting you to a completely different world of views, sounds and experiences. Think outside hidden gardens, industrial window seats and art gallery vibes.

Q: What can one find on your menu?

A: We offer a variety of simple yet well-made espresso-based beverages, a selection of hand-brewed filter options (like the Aeropress and Pour Over) as well as a few locally made juice options such as pressed juice from our friends over at the Cold Pressed Juice Co and lemonade from Old School Lemonade.

Q: How would you explain the vibe at Noble Coffee?

A: Noble is a warm environment that suits just about any need. Need to have a meeting over a cup of coffee? Noble’s got you covered. Need to chill and study for the day while listening to vinyl records? Done deal. Need to grab a quick cup before hitting the road? We’ve got it.

Q: Who will you find behind the counter?

A: On any given day, you can find either Paige or myself behind the bar. Paige is a young sketch artist and barista. If Paige isn’t busting out coffees she’s curled up in the corner working away on her amazing art commissions.

Noble Coffee

076 076 4479

Words: Jenna Kelly | Images: Erin Wulfsohn

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