The Pantone Matching System is used by creatives around the world to make sure they’re all talking the same language when it comes to colour. To the public, however, the company is probably known best for its annual colour predictions. Once a year it names a colour from its range that it feels epitomises the global mood, and this time it’s gone with a duo: rose quartz and serenity. This pastel pink and blue pairing is meant to speak to the way gender is being re-evaluated in the modern context. Announced at the end of last year, we’re already seeing the designs filtering into the market, and challenging preconceptions of how to use colour in the home.

Updated Pastels

Pastels have traditionally been considered feminine colours, but this new take on the colours is nothing if not contemporary. Pieces of furniture such as the Lou Lou and Louis Ghost chairs, both available at Afritaly, show this updated approach to pastels. By combining clean forms with soft colours, there is a balance between the traditionally masculine and feminine, very much in the spirit of Pantone’s intention in its choice of tones. Looking at rooms more broadly, we’re seeing the same coming through in paint trends. In the latest Plascon Colour Forecast, the Element theme explores dusty pink and blue as new neutrals for modern homes.

Lou Lou Ghost Chair Pink-min

Embracing Pastels

While we’re not expecting everyone to rush out and embrace soft, gender-bending colour treatments, the implication of this colour prediction is quite interesting. It points to a willingness to embrace design that doesn’t conform to stereotypes, and as part of a bigger social movement, it’s definitely a trend to watch.

See for yourself:




Words: Chris Reid
Images: Plascon, Afritaly

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