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It’s always nice to discover what the City Slukker calls pocket pubs: those interesting watering holes tucked away so neatly in suburbia that you may not know – unless you’re a local – that they even exist.

Well, the Slukker believes they should enjoy some kind of exposure, especially since the holiday season is virtually upon us and people are going to be looking for places to relax – whether they have time off, or simply after a hard day’s work.

Pocket Pubs

One fresh find for CS is the Halfway Pub which you will discover on Port Elizabeth’s city limits on the Kragga Kamma Road at the Jackson Centre (next to the Shell service station).

This space is unassuming and compact, but nevertheless has a friendly atmosphere. There is a thatched awning over the pub counter in addition to an outside braai area at the back where parties and live music are the order of the day on Sundays. There are drinks specials with terrific prices as well as something different, like a range of jelly shots bursting with flavour.

Beer Tasting

Beer Tasting

The Slukker’s ice-cold Castle was reasonably priced and served up pronto with a sparkling-clean glass. And if you’re a sports or music fan, you can’t complain about being able to catch the game or VH1. For a spot that’s utilised every square inch of its size, there are no fewer than four large flat-screen TVs placed strategically around the bar, which can be seen no matter where you’re sitting. Thursdays are also karaoke nights.

Another pocket pub which is quite a bit roomier, but has the same chilled-out bonhomie, is the Elbo Room at Fig Tree Centre in Charlo, which has its firm army of locals and is always an airy retreat if you’re needing some refreshment while the family is shopping.

There are great happy hours here – between midday and 1pm, and 5pm and 6pm – and CS was mightily impressed with the price of his 500ml draught. It always goes down so much better on a hot day when it’s a super cool deal.


Experience it for yourself:

Halfway Pub

072 152 3052 < 073 622 3324

The Elbo Room

082 940 4925


Words: Brett Adkins
Image: Fredlin Adriaan

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