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Barista, Stanley Biggs gives us the lowdown on pour-over coffee and we’re sharing it with you.

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Stanley is a software engineer by day and a barista and coffee aficionado always. He has been a part of the Vintage Coffee family right from the start and is always ready to share his knowledge of coffee. If you would like to get into manual brewing, Stanley recommends buying beans and getting yourself a hand grinder instead of buying pre-ground beans. Have fun experimenting with ratios and pouring time as it’s a big part of your coffee experience. Stanley also developed the Vintage Coffee mobile app available for download from the iStore. The app explains various brewing methods, the perfect ratios and brewing time for these individual brewing methods.

Pour-over explained

Manual brewing or hand brewing has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. The most alluring part of this method of brewing is the amount of control the brewer has over the way the coffee is brewed. Manual brewing can be divided into three categories, one of which is the pour-over. What makes the pour-over so great is the fact that this method of brewing is the best to actually coax out the flavour and taste of the coffee in its purest form. What makes it even better is how easy it is to do at home.

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When making a pour-over you need a conical dripper device with grooves, a paper filter, a gram scale to weigh your coffee and a brewing kettle with a narrow spout to slowly pour your boiled water. The most important thing is, of course, the coffee; you’ll need medium-ground coffee. When making a pour-over it is best to first pour boiled water over the filter to warm up your pouring device and wet the filter. Make sure to have 220ml of boiled water ready to pour. Add 14 grams freshly ground beans and cover the beans with water. Allow the beans to absorb the water for about 45 seconds and then continue to slowly pour the remainder of the water for another 90 seconds allowing the coffee to slowly drip into your cup. The total brewing time should be between two and three minutes. For the ultimate taste experience, allow the coffee to cool for about one minute before drinking.

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