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When you start scouting for conference venues in Durban, you’re probably instantly attracted to those beach-facing hotels that everyone wants to go to. After my experience at the Premier Hotel Pinetown, I’ve got a new recommendation for you.

An unexpected location

Pinetown Pool-compressedI’ve lived in Durban almost all of my life, and have never once connected the idea of Pinetown with conferencing facilities, or even hotels. But this unexpected, comfortable spot changed my perspective entirely. Booking in to the cozy yet elegant suite for a Friday night, I instantly relaxed into the homely surroundings.

An incredible team

Pinetown Bedroom-compressedChatting to the hotel’s General Manager, Ettalize Maclean, it was quickly apparent to me that Premier Hotel Pinetown is not your standard hotel. Catering primarily for conferences and business travel, its unique location makes it easy to do business in the Upper Highway area. But it’s the team’s easy and interested approach to each guest that makes Premier Hotel Pinetown feel like home. When I check into a hotel that’s part of a chain, I almost expect to be thought of by room number – but that’s not how it is at Premier Hotel Pinetown, and I’m not the only one who thinks that.

Food, glorious food

I was lucky enough to experience a rather relaxed Friday night’s dining at Saratoga Restaurant, with a special menu drawn up by head chef, Jermaine Govender. It’s been a week since I visited and I’m still daydreaming about that dinner. I’m going back one day soon to treat my family to Jermaine’s desserts.

Multi-purpose and marvellous

Pinetown Event Gazebo-compressed

With seven conference venues, ranging from small meeting rooms to larger venues that can seat up to 150 delegates, Premier Hotel Pinetown easily accommodates every sort of event, from business to personal celebrations. In fact, just as I was checking out, a group of family and friends were just driving in to set up a baby shower underneath the gazebo.

I’ll be back

Pinetown Exerior-compressedPremier Hotel Pinetown has a motto that states it’s “where guests become friends.” As I enjoyed a great breakfast looking out at the pool, chatting with Manager, Chantel Caswell, I knew I’d arrived as a guest, but I was leaving for home with a few more friends added to my life.

Premier Hotel Pinetown

031 701 0130


Words: Cath Jenkin | Images: Supplied

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