Revamped and revived

Chatting to owner of the Gateway Theatre of Shopping branch, Pepe D’amico, it’s quickly apparent to me that this is not just another franchise. In fact, the focused team made up of family members have created something quite masterful under the Primi name, and I’m a little taken aback by the quietly determined attention to detail that’s evident in every element of the restaurant. You’ll regularly find Pepe’s mom in the back, cooking up a storm in the kitchen and that Italian passion imbued into the menu comes to life as your plate is placed on the table.

It’s all about the base

Pepe took us through the process of how each Primi pizza base is hand stretched with dough that’s proofed right in the kitchen, and then cooked in a special open-fire pizza oven. He says “it’s the healthiest pizza you can put on your plate” as it’s made with naturally fermented yeast and the freshest ingredients. The revitalised menu at Primi Piatti Gateway reflects global cuisine trends, taking direction from ideas picked up on travels but also remembering that authentic food is the best type of food. Pepe tells us that the restaurant drew inspiration for the revamp and new menu additions from artisanal culture, which is underpinned by individuality and unique style. At Primi you get what you want served to you in a unique and homely style.


Reflecting diversity

It’s not just the menu that showcases unique characters or individual attention, as the restaurant itself reflects diversity in many ways. From the decor, to the team and beyond, Primi Piatti Gateway is a celebration of skill and individual passions that work together to create an experience that does not compromise on service, food or standards. My recommendations? Start with a focaccia, order a pizza, slurp up a coffee frappe milkshake and finish off with a ristretto.


Primi Piatti

031 566 5102

Words: Cath Jenkin | Images: supplied and Paul Cassells

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