Although it’s been in the US and Europe for more than 30 years, pressed juicing is only now hitting South Africa. But why is it so good for you? We chatted to Phillippa Grundlingh and Kelly Kearns, co-founders of the Pressed Juice Co to find out more.


What are cold-pressed juices?

As opposed to conventional juicing, cold pressing doesn’t use any heat or blades to break down the fruit and vegetables. Blades and/or heat typically destroy the nutrients in the juice, whereas a cold press gently “presses” the nutrients out without damaging them.

What are the benefits of a juice cleanse?

Stressful modern life means that we’re exposed to greater levels of toxins on a daily basis and our bodies need an opportunity to rest and recover. A juice cleanse gives your body a break by packing it full of nutrients – it’s a way of rebooting your body like you would a computer.

How did the Pressed Juice Co start?

When Phillippa’s first husband was diagnosed with stomach cancer, he needed nutrient-rich foods that he could absorb without his stomach needing to work hard to get them. Cold-pressed juicing was the best way to do this. Once we started researching and learning more about it, we were hooked. These days, juicing is very much a way of life for us – our children and husbands all drink our juices. It’s a funny sight to see a two-year-old walking around with beetroot juice in his bottle!

Is juicing a weight loss tool?

We see it more as a holistic way to cleanse your body and improve your overall wellbeing. Weight loss is just one of the possible extra benefits.

How long do the cleanses last?

We offer one-day, three-day and five-day cleanses. You can do the one-day cleanses weekly, and we recommend doing the three- or five-day cleanses on a quarterly basis.

Some people say that juice is rich in fruit sugar, so not that healthy. Would you agree?

That’s true. That’s why our main aim is to offer juices with high quantities of veggies, to minimise the amount of fruits.

IMG_9065-Edit-compressedExperience for yourself:

Order your cleanse online at or phone 079 927 0157.

Delivery to your door costs R110 within Johannesburg and Pretoria; nationwide delivery to main centres can be arranged.

Words: Catherine Black
Images: Supplied


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