When you think of a quick and easy solution to food in the evenings, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? More often than not, it’s a quick burger at the drive-through on the way home, or a few slices of toast and whatever is in the fridge. When you’re at work for 10 hours a day, it’s not easy to get motivated to cook a healthy dinner for the family.

When I heard about The Flying Pan, I was not only intrigued, but very interested in the concept of getting a healthy, cooked dinner every night, delivered straight to my office. My fiancé and I jumped at the chance to try the “rethink dinner” concept.mushroom-tofu-coconut-pork-compressed

About The Flying Pan

Founded by husband and wife team, Matthew and Bridget Hoepner, The Flying Pan is the ultimate solution to making sure your dinners are healthy, nutritious and convenient. Part of the service (other than amazing, freshly cooked food) is the prompt delivery and easy-to-use online ordering system. With different menus for different dietary requirements (low-carb, vegetarian or classic menus), the variety is wide and the options for quantities are not limited.

Our experience

I decided to leave my diet behind for this experience and we opted for a week of food from the classic P1070697-compressedmenu. This included bangers and mash, Cape Malay chicken curry, tomato and chorizo pasta, chilli con carne and the chicken basil stir fry.

My expectations? Dinners cooked in bulk that all taste the same. However, every meal was meticulously presented in a gorgeously branded, reusable plastic container. Despite the distance travelled to deliver to me, the food looked as it did on the website. Each dish had its own unique flavour and, apart from being enjoyable, was filling, wholesome and made me remember how much I miss my mom’s cooking. My fiancé’s favourite dish was the chicken and basil stir-fry, while I stayed true to my love for all things chilli with the chilli con carne.

All in all, The Flying Pan exceeded my expectations, and I’m looking forward to ordering from the low-carb menu next week!

The Flying Pan

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Words: Lauren Joubert | Images: Supplied

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